What is a string quartet?

A string quartet is an ensemble of four instruments -- two violins, a viola (a slightly larger, deeper sounding version of a violin) and a cello. Composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms have been writing music for this combination of instruments for over 200 years. For weddings, Pachelbel's "Canon" and "The Water Music Suite" by Handel sound wonderful played by a string quartet, as does the music of Bach and Mendelssohn and Wagner. Contemporary and popular music have also been beautifully arranged for this ensemble.

How will a string quartet fit into a wedding celebration?

The sound of a string quartet is smooth, romantic and refined. Whether your event is an intimate gathering or is a lavish formal affair, music can be used to create an elegant atmosphere throughout your special day and will make an impression that will last long after the wedding celebration is over. Our quartet can provide all the necessary music for a wonderful wedding celebration, or can accompany trumpets, soloists, and organ if you desire.

A basic wedding service usually contains the following: The quartet, provides twenty to thirty minutes of, prelude music while the guests are arriving and being seated. Special music can be used to signal the beginning of the wedding ceremony as parents and family members are seated and for the candle bearers.

Processional music is played for the attendants followed by the bride's own processional selection. During the ceremony, music is often played at the lighting of the unity candle, during a rose presentation, during communion, or simply as a meditation. The officiant at your service may offer suggestions for appropriate places for music.

Our quartet includes a wonderful pianist who is available to accompany a soloist, or our quartet can accompany the soloist if you desire. A lively recessional ends the ceremony and sends the newlyweds out. Following the ceremony, the mood can quickly change for the reception with light, festive music as people have their first refreshments. Later, during a meal, music is proper with every menu. Quieter musical selections are nice as people eat, and converse at lunch or dinner.

Booking SSQ:

To contact us, please email Amy Harris

Our Rates:

Basic Wedding (as described above): $500.00.
¬ Extended service time while Bride & Groom dismiss rows or for receiving line out of church: $100.00
¬ Reception (following ceremony): $200.00 per hour (including travel time if, required).
¬ Music Arranging: $100.00 per selection
¬ Piano Accompaniment: $25.00
¬ Outside the KC Metro area: $100.00

Sunflower String Quartet is now pleased to offer a budget-friendly option for smaller weddings and venues ~ the Sunflower String Trio.  The same SSQ quality with a slightly lighter sound and for the reduced price of $400 for a standard wedding.

Extras (which lengthen time commitment and additional cost):
¬ Rehearsal with soloist or trumpets (require arrival approximately 1 hour prior to event)
¬ Outside our normal area (Drives over 30 minutes from Overland Park)
¬ Piano Accompaniment for soloist $25.00

Special Music Requests:

Purchased Music: retail cost of music, plus shipping if applicable
Music Arranging: $100.00 per song (Piano sheet music provided by client.)

What does SSQ need on the day of the wedding?

The quartet needs four chairs with flat seats and no arms. If we are outdoors, the instruments need shade. A tent or backup site due to inclement weather or cool temperatures is recommended. When we arrive at the ceremony, we need to talk to the wedding coordinator or someone selected by the couple to work out the starting signal and any other details.

How do you dress when you perform?

Standard quartet attire is concert black.

How soon do we need to contract with The Sunflower StringQuartet to be assured of your availability?

You should contract as soon as the date and location of your ceremony are set. We are booking through the spring, summer and fall of 2011 now!

What length of time do we need to contract you for?

We do not contract by strict time, but by event. The basic wedding as described above will cover up to 1½ hours of service (including arrival time). This is sufficient time for most wedding ceremonies. We can also arrange to provide music for the events following the ceremony: receiving line, photos, appetizers, cocktail hour, reception, dinner, etc.

We believe we want to contract with The Sunflower String Quartet and would like additional information, what do we do?

Our business manager will contact you regarding our availability and fee. If you desire to book our quartet, a contract will be prepared for you. Return a deposit with the signed contract by the specified date on the contract.

The balance is due prior to the ceremony. Many of our clients send the balance by mail, we just ask that it is mailed 2 weeks prior to the event to allow plenty of time for our receipt. If you wish to pay the balance the day of the wedding, payment must be in the form of cash.

Can the quartet attend my dress rehearsal?

We have found that attending the dress rehearsal is unnecessary. As long as things are well communicated prior to the ceremony, the wedding music should go smoothly. The quartet just needs someone, such as the wedding coordinator, to be available to discuss the ceremony when we arrive.

I have a vocalist performing at my wedding. Can the quartet accompany her?

We often accompany vocalists or other musicians on commonly performed wedding music, such as Ave Maria, or The, Lord's Prayer, and enjoy doing so!

Rehearsal is required at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the prelude and this usually adds an additional charge.

What are some things that I can do to ensure the success of a string quartet at my wedding?

If possible, try to place the musicians where they can see you at all times.

If you plan to do anything unusual, let us know!

Ensure that everyone else knows their cues.

Ensure that we are well informed concerning every aspect of the processional. This includes informing us of everyone who will be walking down the, aisle during the procession (grandparents, parents, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, groomsmen, groom, bride, etc.), making sure we know if and when an aisle runner will be pulled, who will be lighting candles, etc.

What other questions do you have?

Our quartet members have been playing for weddings and parties for years. Our manager is happy to provide you with information and to offer her expertise and experience as you plan and prepare for your special day.